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Sample imageIsmael Roldan the most important Colombian illustrator of the world.

The  Society of Caricature Artists of United States has created the Ismael Roldan  award as tribute to this Illustrator original from Cali (Colombia).

In the same city that the founder of facebook was born, White Plains, a small  city near New York City the colombian illustrator died.   One of the best in the world in his field.

According to the Vicepresident of the International Society of Artist, Roldan was a "Master of the shape.  He understood the human face like he was a classical sculptor."

Even though he was never looking for fame, he was determinated  that his characters would not get old over the years.  His sense of transcendency, of staying in the memory through his work, is noticeable when reviewing the thoroughness that he cataloged it.   He also archive many documents that allow to rebuilt his story: notes that the monumental Levine left for him ("Hi Ismael we meet at ...."), mail, uncashed checks (he saved them as a trophy) for some job that was priceless for him, pictures, the first part of his book that ends with the separation from Wilma,  What he felt for his work can be descripted with words from a famous post-impresionist artist:  "In my opinion, I am often rich as Croesus--not in money, but (though it doesn't happen every day) rich--because I have found in my work something which I can devote myself to heart and soul, and which inspires me and gives a meaning to life".  The phrase is from Van Gogh in 1883.



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