Good bye to the master


Sample imageGreat lost for the carticature and illutration world.

Jeremy Townsend:

The world has just lost a great artist and a great person. Illustrator Ismael Roldan died in New York today. I was fortunate to spend some time with this amazing talent last year at the Kruger workshop in Barsringhausen Germany, and at the NCN convention in Raliegh NC. I'll never forget the conversations we had, and the incredible talent this man possessed. God bless you Ishy, you will be missed

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Eric Goodwin:

It's awful that Ismael's no longer with us. I hadn't seen much of his work before last year's convention, so getting to see how much great work he had done throughout his career was really inspirational. He was a really talented caricaturist and seemed very humble and dedicated to his art.

Picture:  Ismael Roldan and Jeremy Townsend.

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